40 Powerful Quotes on Life to empower you.

How to Understand life? Reading some powerful quotes always give power and the ability to understand the life better. Life is good when it’s smooth but it has some adversities also intertwined with it. We all want to be happy and lead a peaceful life. But it’s all in our hand what we make of … Continue reading 40 Powerful Quotes on Life to empower you.

Success Redefined

Pic credit: Google images Hello Readers!! Do you dream of becoming successful some day? Do you like the sound of cheers and applauds? Does people congratulating you on your success, seeing you a role model and quoting you as an example sound cool? Or do you like dreaming of dancing lights and a set stage … Continue reading Success Redefined


Do you ever feel that your life has become so messy and it's getting difficult to find some way out? Or do you ever crave for happiness which has gone missing in your life for too long? Or have you ever felt that your work pressure doesn't allow you to sleep? Do you need peace … Continue reading Peace


The spring was swaying on the door Blooming flowers and dancing butterflies Cool breeze blowing, soothing the soul A never fading smile, an enlivening charm  The adornments were so long looked for. Twists and turns, and thicks and thins Forever together they were to be seen. She has chosen her life over all the shades … Continue reading Transition

Will Mankind also Perish?

Life's so uncertain... Who was knowing that this pandemic Covid-19 will swipe out such a huge number of mankind who has always claimed to be the most powerful and intelligent among other races. This most powerful being has always waged war against nature and tried his best to slave it. But, the horrific scene is … Continue reading Will Mankind also Perish?

अपना सा अजनबी

क्यों आज आँखों का जाम फिर छलक आया दिल के गहरायिओं मे एक अजीब सी हलचल मची जुबान अब भी खामोश है ओर बातों का सैलाब टूट पड़ा हेै सुन ने को आज कोई भी नहीं दिल बेचैन सा बहता जा रहा है आजीब कश्मकश मे उलझा है आज कल धुंधला सा आँखों में बसा … Continue reading अपना सा अजनबी